Why Should You Get A Pedicure?

Having nice nails means that you take care of your hygiene. You do not need to have the longest nails, or painted nails in order to look clean and nice. It only takes water and some cuticle oil to have nice nails, and you do not need to spend tons of money on manicures and pedicures. However, there are some cases when manicures and pedicures can be helpful, and we want to discuss that.

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In case you suffer from a severe case of nail infection, we highly recommend getting kalknagel behandeling which is a nail service that will kick start the healing process. Due to so many known and unknown reasons, nail infections are the most common on toenails, because toenails are not exposed to oxygen the same way as nails on our hands. Most likely, you are wearing poor fitting shoes, and you are spending too much time wearing them, not allowing your feet to breathe. However, some people simply cannot afford to rest their feet all day. In the case of nail fungus infections, you simply need to get a pedicure at least once, and preferably at the beginning of the treatment.

Pedicures have to be performed by a licensed technician. Usually, after a pedicure, you can choose if you want to paint your toenails or leave them intact, however, in case of nail fungus infection, we highly recommend leaving them without toenail polish. At least for four to six weeks, when healing process should already be done.